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Welcome to smoke.alaska.edu!

The Weather Research and Forecasting model with inline Chemistry and fire plume rise dynamics (WRF/Chem) is used as core model to forecast the atmospheric dispersion of smoke downstream from Alaska wildfires. Forecasts for up to 72 hours are updated daily with current fire and weather information.

Note: The 2021 Alaska wildfire season ended. We look forward to again provide real time forecasts of smoke dispersion, visibility, and particle concentration downstream from Alaska wildfires next year in 2022. Please click the 'Current Fires' tab to the left to check out a map of current wildfire activity in the state.

UAFSMOKE is an initiative supported by the Alaska Climate Research Center at the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in cooperation with colleagues from NOAA's Global System Division, Brazil's Center for Weather Forecasting and Climate Studies (CPTEC/INPE), and the USFS Missoula Fire Sciences Lab.